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Steve Kimock Live at The Hamilton on 2013-03-09

Steve Kimock
Featuring Bernie Worrell, Wally Ingram and Andy Hess
09 March 2013 (Saturday)
The Hamilton
Washington, D.C.

Collection SteveKimock
Band/Artist Steve Kimock
Venue The Hamilton
Location Washington, D.C.

Source DPA 4023 > Lunatec V3 (digital) > Edirol R-44 (24/48)
Lineage R-44 > iMac. Tracked and dithered via Sound Studio, FLAC via xACT
Taped by Alex Leary
Transferred by Alex Leary


Reviewer: beachroadbum - - August 25, 2013
Subject: kimock and company after the art museum!!!!
hey now! fantastic recording...way to get the talkers out as much as possible....after forty minutes or so in I could tell through my headphones that this was going to be an ON night! brilliant four piece band that rivals phish on any given night!!! listening thru right now...talking heads cover to end the first set??? r u kidding me Bernie ripppssss it please everyone put your head into it and get yourself into it and play the butter song...Bernie throws the gauntlet down... u won't regret it! about five minutes into ice cream kimock does what he does best...and the band picks up like the freight train they all are and follow the sound from kimocks amplifier...and all become one...reaching into the stratosphere...till Bernie makes sounds only Bernie can with those keys...prompts band into another section of life...staccato fiasco...neuro notes...what is Bernie doing to us? bass n drums drop in hook line and sinker while kimock gets his gear ready...freight train chugging along baby...once kimock is ready the whole band just flies...I hear bb king notes with about two minutes left of ice up perfect placement of ur the already hot band getting even hotter? just when I thought it couldn't get about four becoming one at drum break during ur the one the whole place was into it so now kimock does the slide... the DC club had to cool down or a fire would have we get one of those smoothest of the smooth slide K...bluesy nite folks I can only guess the crowd needed a stella blue to catch a breath! if things got hotter the secret service would have been called...beautiful stella...and I can guess thru the years each band member has had their fair share of staying in every blue-light cheap hotel, can't win for with experience comes wisdom and in wisdom we get an angelic stella blue in those last three minutes of stella you see the strength that this particular four piece band dynamic...just when u thought the night was winding down...a now classic rendition of crazy engine throws itself to what seemed like a stunned crowd sizzling this sound...jam...crazy engine take me to the river...Bernie takes over...becomes THE music teacher and gets both sides of the club singing alternate lines cheers to DC for picking it up this is just a must listen show...kimock at the very end seconds of take me to the river reveals little wing if u catch it...and so they say seeeee ya steve kimock quartet making gold plated diapers
Reviewer: Yoink32 - - March 24, 2013
Subject: Thanks!
Great show, great recording - really psyched to give it a relisten - the place was rockin'.
Reviewer: jerryschrier - - March 12, 2013
Subject: Great Recording
Nice Job, Alex!
Reviewer: kwaved - - March 11, 2013
Subject: setlist help
This per Herr Dorfmann .....

Nana's Chalk Pipe
Bad Hair
Philly Mambo
54 46
Come together
Naive melody

Set 2
Ice cream
Ur the one
Crazy Engine
Take me to the river
E: little wing
Steve Kimock
by Steve Kimock
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Source: AKG ck61 > Naiant Couplings/PFA > Naiant Tinybox > Sony M-10 (24/48)
Steve Kimock
by Steve Kimock
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Source: DPA 4023 > Sound Devices 744 (24/48)
Steve Kimock
by Steve Kimock
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Source: DPA 4023 > Lunatec V3 (digital) > Edirol R-44 (24/48)
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